"The Voice of the Maple" trail (Botanical Garden of Lago Puelo)

The first trail that we reached walking in the Botanical Garden is the one called "THE VOICE OF THE MAPLE"...

The maple tree is not a native specie of this region. The first maples were brought and planted by the Rietman Family, early inhabitants 80 years ago...

This family brought them from Europe and planted them against the wind. But it is an invasive specie and they regenerate quickly. The maple trees reach 30 meters height and preventing the passage of light, other typical species can not survive.

Currently, there is an agreement between Lago Puelo National Park and the Institute of Artistic and Teaching Trainig Nº 805; this school has an atelier of luthiers where they use the wood of the maples that are removed for the instruments.

The trees are chosen according to the size, status and an important point: the competition of light. Usually the trees selected are thosewith long and straight trunk of 40 centimeters of diameter and healthy bark.

The wood is cut into planks to be left drying for 4 years to avoid splitting. The radial cuts are used to make the tops of the instruments and longitudinal blades of 2 milimeters are used for the side strips.

Thus the problem of the maple´s invasion over the native forests is now controlled and specialist are still working on it, planting native trees in the area. 

In the next post, we are going to know a little more of the Rietman family... 


Merry Christmas!!!!!

In this Christmas I hope that all your dreams come true... 
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Botanical Garden of Lago Puelo

The Botanical Garden of Lago Puelo is located inside the Lago Puelo National Park from some time ago. Originally it was located in the village in the place where actually is the park of elves and fairies. The Botanical Garden has an area of 16 hectares. It has a lot of signs of the circuits to walk and of the characteristics of the different species and places we visited.

The valley of Puelo lake is only 200 meters above the sea level and its climate allows that plants and trees that are common across the Andes, can also grow in this area, mixed with the typical species of the andean patagonia.

To reach to the Botanical Garden we had taken the street leading from the route to "La Playita" near the place where it is the entrance of the Forest of the Shadows path. We went through the portal near it and walk a few meters with the forest to one side and the maintenance dependences of the National Park on the other side.

Then we arrived to the area where there are two entrances, one is the Pitranto Grande path, and the other led us to the Botanical Garden and the Old Settlers path...

The circuits of the Botanical Garden are:
  • The Voice of the Maple path
  • The Rietman Population path
  • The Cypress path
  • The Path of the Pitras,
and finally it connects with the Old Settlers path.

Next post: The Voice of the Maple path...


Azul river (Blue river)

One of the places you can not miss in Lago Puelo is the Azul river (Blue river). The clear waters of this river are coming down from the mountains and finishes draining in the Puelo lake as a delta. There are two bridges that cross the Azul river, one of them is no more than 2 kilometers from the town center by Route Nº 16 to El Bolson. The way to reach it is well signposted on the road; a sign indicates where to turn, then cross the bridge over the Golondrinas stream, cross a section of the area called La Isla (The Island) where there are a lot of new houses and following the signs you can reached the river.

The Azul river shows a series of pools that makes that this place becomes a popular beach on hot sumer days. The footbridge is only for 8 pedestrian at a time. While crossing the river we can see its clear waters, the stones of the riverbed, and the surrounding hills as the Currumahuida, Motoco, Piltriquitrón and Tres Picos.

Crossing the river we arrived to a beautiful and quiet place, very green, ideal for picnicking; the camping is called "Motoco Cárdenas" and managed by a Mapuche community. Several trails start from here for lovers of trekking, of varying length and difficulty as those to Motoco Refuge, the Laguna Huemul, Los Hitos and to a nearby waterfall.

The footpath to this beautiful waterfall is easily visible, crossing the sectors where this community work we reached a forest and crossed a stream. Crossing it is possible to approach the waterfall, of several meters height and immersed into the green vegetation.

It's a nice trail that has no major difficulties, we did it walking from the center but you can go by car to the footbridge, or by bus to the turnoff on the road and then walk.

I hope you enjoyed this ride that offers Lago Puelo, my place in the world...


La Playita (Little Beach) - Mirador del Lago (Viewpoint of the Lake)

 There are two ways to get to the beach known as "La Playita" (Little Beach), one is from the path of the  Pitranto Grande and the other is to arrive by car by the road near the lake. I did both walking. When I went in May, autumn showed all its colours in the forests of the National Park.

Autumn in the road to "La Playita"

Autumn in the road to "La Playita"

At the end of the path of the Pitranto Grande  and crossing the portal of trunks, we found a sunny trail of sand after the deepest darkness of the forest of pitras. This path was surrounded by vegetation among we could see rosehip, brooms and murras. But not everything is beautiful in this path, unfortunately we went through an area where we found the reamins of a forest fire. It was small but it´s sadness to see the burned trees.

Sand path to "La Playita"

Walking to "La Playita"

We found another small trail that ran beside a stream in the forest. Walking we arrived to the place that serves as car parking near the lake. From there we have followed a little but easy path between the rocks and the lake to reached to the sandy beach where tourists enjoy the summer sun. In this sector the lake is shallow and the water is warmer, that allows swimming.

Walking to "La Playita"

La Playita

But leaving the forest called Pitranto Grande, and halfway to La Playita you could found another path, it is the footpath to the place known as Mirador del Lago (Viewpoint of the lake). This path is about 800 meters long and rises 150 meters above the lake and in parts passed through the forest, in others you walked very near the wall rock of the hill and with great views. It is a path with no major difficulties except the slope.

Walking to the "Mirador del Lago"

From the top we can see the lake, the Andes mountains, and the valley where it is situated Villa Lago Puelo.

Mirador del Lago (Viewpoint of the Lake)

Enjoy this beautiful view of my place in the world!!!!!