Patagonia: my place in the world - Why?

Distant, wild, cold, windy, barren, remote, chaotic...
Beautiful, majestic, mystical, magnificent, mysterious, superb, unique, picturesque, magic...
There are so many words to describe this place of  the world, but I think that the best definition is that Patagonia is the place where nature, adventure and legends come together at the end of the world...

Note: First of all, excuse me: I have to say that I´m trying to write this blog in English so you can read it, but I recognize that my English is poor...

Here is my story:

I live in Buenos Aires, the most popular city of Argentina. But I love Patagonia since I know it...
When I was twelve years old, my parents took me to Bariloche during the summer holidays. It was love at first sight! The lake so blue, the clear sky, the silhouettes of the mountains... We returned in winter: the cold and white snow, the landscapes as B&W photos... I remember thinking to myself how nice it would be one day to live in a place like that.

I returned to Patagonia several times:

  • Puerto Madryn with the Valdez Peninsula and its orcas, sea lions, sea elephants, penguins in summer and the southern right whales in winter;

  • Calafate with the famous and pristine Perito Moreno Glacier,

  • Comodoro Rivadavia with its blue sea, the Petroleum Museum, and the Chenque Hill

  • Río Gallegos, Punta Loyola, with the flag trees and the cormorants.

  • Esquel and its ski resort "La Hoya" (The hole), where I skied for the first time in my life.

  • San Martín de los Andes and the wonderful ski resort called Chapelco, between the forest of "lengas" (beech).

  • Villa La Angostura, a beautiful place between lakes, forests, mountains

  • Copahue, close to the volcano of the same name and with its extraordinary thermal water, mud, vapors and algaes.

  • Caviahue, at the feet of the Copahue volcano, with a lake and the monkey-puzzle (araucarias or pehuenes) forests.

  • Villa Pehuenia, a little village by the lake Aluminé and near an old volcano called Batea Mahuida.

  • Bariloche with the mount Catedral, Nahuel Huapi lake, Challuaco valley, Campanario Hill, mount Tronador, and the chocolates!!!

  • Ushuaia, at the end of the world, on the Beagle Channel, the Tierra del Fuego National Park, Fagnano lake and the subantartic forests.

Tired of the life and the insecurity of the city, my husband and I decided to live in another place, preferably to our beloved south... He found a job in a very little village called Lago Puelo, surrounded by hills and near the Puelo lake, at the border Argentina-Chile. A place where Mother Nature is mistress of all, a little village where people live and work in peace...
Now we are in the process of change, happy and hopeful to have found our place in the world in PATAGONIA.

My dream is coming true!!!  And yours?...