Botanical Garden of Lago Puelo

The Botanical Garden of Lago Puelo is located inside the Lago Puelo National Park from some time ago. Originally it was located in the village in the place where actually is the park of elves and fairies. The Botanical Garden has an area of 16 hectares. It has a lot of signs of the circuits to walk and of the characteristics of the different species and places we visited.

The valley of Puelo lake is only 200 meters above the sea level and its climate allows that plants and trees that are common across the Andes, can also grow in this area, mixed with the typical species of the andean patagonia.

To reach to the Botanical Garden we had taken the street leading from the route to "La Playita" near the place where it is the entrance of the Forest of the Shadows path. We went through the portal near it and walk a few meters with the forest to one side and the maintenance dependences of the National Park on the other side.

Then we arrived to the area where there are two entrances, one is the Pitranto Grande path, and the other led us to the Botanical Garden and the Old Settlers path...

The circuits of the Botanical Garden are:
  • The Voice of the Maple path
  • The Rietman Population path
  • The Cypress path
  • The Path of the Pitras,
and finally it connects with the Old Settlers path.

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  1. Oi Patricia
    Cheguei aqui e ADOREI!
    A linda Patagônia é um sonho que ainda vou realizar.....quem sabe no ano que vem?!
    Certamente passarei aqui para pegar umas dicas!


  2. Beatriz,

    Gracias por pasar por aquí. La Patagonia siempre estará esperando tu visita! Es muy bella...

    Pasaré por tu blog!

  3. Beautiful place - ideal to take long walks in all seasons enjoying the changes in nature. It reminds me a lot of our forest and woods here in the NL, near my house.
    Saludos, Patricia!

  4. Aledys,

    Que lindo tener un bosque cerca de tu casa... y como dices, verlo cambiar con las estaciones del año. Un privilegio
    Besos para ti!!