"Forest of Shadows"... a magical place

One of the most beautiful and magical circuits of the "Lago Puelo National Park" is that called "Bosque de las Sombras" (Forest of the Shadows).

The trail goes into the green and deep forest... It is a path with no slope of 600 meters, of easy difficulty and its duration is about 30 minutes. We can go into the forest by a footbridge made of coihue´s wood  and built on the marshy and flooded ground. Here the water is transparent but it seems dark.

The "Forest of Shadows" is a very green place, where you can see several types of ferns and trees as pitras or pataguas, myrtles, avelinos, all of them with very twisted branches that give us the feeling of walking into a dim light...

The presence of fairies seems to float in the air, and that we are walking into a storybook of elves.

A fascinating and magical place...


  1. I LOVE the look of this place! I really like the way the walkway curves. It really does look enchanting.

  2. Yes, it´s a very beautiful and magical place!

  3. Blogueando caí en tu espacio casualmente, y al ver este camino hacia el bosque, me imagino el placer que se podrá sentir en este entorno privilegiado. Bonitas fotos.


  4. Nieves,
    Muchas gracias por recorrer este lindo camino al bosque y por tus palabras. Puedes pasar cuando quieras!!!