Winds Of Change...

Note: First of all, excuse me: I have to say that I´m trying to write this blog in English so you can read it, but I recognize that my English is poor...

Soon there will be great changes in my life ...

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"Changing the river  of  lion´s color for the blue lake,
changing the color of the concrete for the green forests,
changing the broad 9 de Julio avenue  for the colorful Los Notros Avenue ,
changing the hurry of the city for the tranquility of a village,
changing the skyline of the city for the silhouettes of the mountains,
changing the gray of the asphalt for the leaden gray sky before the rain,
changing people for solitude, madness for peace  , city for nature ...

I change Buenos Aires for Patagonia! "


 The months pass, at first very slowly, but less than two months of our move, the time seems speeded up. There is so much to prepare, organize, fix, buy ... The main concerns were the house and moving and both of them are resolved.

We rent the house to a member of the place where my husband works, and who lived her whole life he lived in Lago Puelo. We called her a real NIC (born and raised), and who lives a few feet of what will be our home. We will live in an area called The Island, between the stream called Golondrinas (Swallows) and the Azul river (Blue river), a few blocks from downtown (if you can call them blocks ...). There is a small forest and greenery around.

The other major issue was the moving, we decided to recruit a company of Bariloche after having seen several companies and asking for prices. Fortunately the people of the company packed the furniture; I shall have to pack dishes, clothes and books, the small things but the worst!!. Luckily our apartment in Buenos Aires is small, but in these 7 years of marriage we have accumulated a lot of stuff (and crap too!)

Between what needs to be prepared are the curtains. I bought the fabric and I shall make them myself to cut costs. I was told that in Lago Puelo it costs a lot more expensive, because they come to town to buy the fabric ...
Next month, December, and I shall begin to pack our winter clothes to go forward a little work. The rest will be prepared together with my husband who returns home to spend the Christmas and New Year in family. Today I realized that I still have a month and a half to leave the job that I have for 16 years!. On January 8, the truck will be loading "our home" and if all goes well, on January 11 will be receiving it in Lago Puelo and we will begin to decorate our new home...

NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE!!  (really...)


  1. Oh, the holidays will be such an exciting time for you! I know you are feeling a lot of bittersweet emotions right now. Best of luck to the two of you on this very exciting move :-)


  2. Qué hermoso, Pato!!! La verdad es que me da mucha alegría por vos!! Excelente el trabajo que hiciste con las fotos, mostrando el contraste que a mi juicio es hermoso desde los dos puntos de vista. Hermosa la ciudad que dejás atrás (no me odies ;)) y bellísima la vida que te espera en Puelo. Un abrazo!!
    Claudia Gibsn

  3. Just a plane...
    This holidays will be so strange and exciting, with a lot of work preparing the move...

    Son tan distintos los dos lugares, pero verás que me esmeré y puse fotos lindas de Buenos Aires!!! jajaja... y seguro que la voy a extrañar!!!
    Besos y gracias por pasar por aquí!


  4. Muitos Parabens, a ti, Patricia e a teu marido, por abracarem esta aventura :-) So seres muito especiais correm atras dos seus sonhos. O mais importante e saber o que se quer e tu, e vos, sabeis ;-) Admiro-vos por isso! Muito boa sorte! Estou aqui a torcer por voces! Beijinhos, muitos beijinhos!!!!

  5. Dear Sandra,
    Wow, I don´t know how to thank you four words and your desires. I always ran behind my dreams, sometimes they come truth, others not... but I never gave up on them.

    Beijinhos!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )